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Read more of Louise and Alan’s story and find out how you could be next.
Dan Pirie Smiley Booth Hertfordshire Franchise owner“It suits my lifestyle perfectly”
“The Smiley Booth Franchise gave me the opportunity to combine my passion for events with running my own business. I was up and running quickly with event immediately after training. It’s a really enjoyable business that suits my lifestyle perfectly”.
Dan Pirie

Smiley Booth Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire


“I must admit I was a little nervous about starting when we purchased the franchise. There seemed a lot to learn but the support and advice is amazing and the other franchisees all help one another too”.
Gabriela Sica

Smiley Booth Northamptonshire

What a great start!Patrick and Julie 2

“Within the first 2 weeks of my franchise starting I had received 72 enquiries for my service and achieved 12 bookings! What a great start to my investment!”

Patrick Bicar

Smiley Booth Kent and Sussex

Can’t thank you enough! Literally the best fun ever! Both Sarah, Oli and their staff were amazing and so professional. It is such a glam set up both inside and out! Thank you again!

Thank you Gabriela for making the party a night to remember. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth from the children to the grandparents and will be talking about it for ages!

Just want to say a huge thank you to Mike and his team.

The photo booth was a massive hit, people really enjoyed themselves and we have some fantastic pics.

Everyone absolutely loved it. Dan couldn’t have been more helpful. It went down a treat, such a good laugh and worth every penny. Thank you for your amazing customer service.

A Great Photobooth Franchise Opportunity

A Smiley Booth franchise gives you all the flexibility and excitement of your own business with the full support of an established brand, head office team and network of franchises.

There are over 250,000 weddings in England alone. Add to this corporate parties, birthdays, proms and other celebrations and events and that equals a HUGE POTENTIAL for your photo booth business.

In fact the UK events industry is worth and estimated £40 Billion! The photo booth industry is niche, young and exciting. It has enjoyed explosive growth and is fast becoming a staple in the events industry.

A photo booth franchise is fun and flexible. You are part of important events, it’s sociable and rewarding – you’ll never tire of people telling you how much they love your service!

Most events are evening and weekends leaving the daytime to focus on marketing and building your business. We’ve found the flexible nature of the business appeals to many different types of people, especially those wishing to start a part-time business while still in full-time employment or those with young families.

The benefits of a well-established, high value brand

Having won multiple awards and worked with big brand names, celebrities and national events you can be assured your business is part of a market leader.

Low investment with everything included

You’ll have everything you need to create your successful franchise.  All Equipment, Specialised Training, Ongoing Support, Systems And Strategies.  We have deliberately kept start up costs low to ensure franchisees get a quick return on their investment. *Finance options are available.

A Large Territory

We’re confidently building a group of ambitious, profitable entrepreneurs. To ensure our franchisees achieve the maximum potential for growth there are only a limited number of franchise opportunities available.  We work with you to create a bespoke territory in your area.


Our internal communications tool, and Facebook group, where you’ll find all our current news, training & skills videos, business updates and operations manual, along with other key pieces of information.


Systems and Processes

Simple, effective systems to enable you to run everything in your business with ease. Tried and tested, we’ve been there and bought the t-shirt so you don’t have to!

Photo Product Delivery System

The ability to make extra revenue through product sales delivered directly to your customers.

Operations Manual

Our manual is written entirely in-house by the business owners who have walked in your shoes, accessed online and regularly updated.

Franchise Round-table meetings

Regular opportunities for the network to meet up, collaborate, discuss new ideas, learn new technology and marketing initiatives and drive the business forward as a whole.


Full business support

Smiley Booth isn’t about buying a photo booth and a manual, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Our business strategies, systems and ongoing support ensure your achieve predictable and profitable growth that far outstrips your initial investment and enables you to build your dream lifestyle business.

Finance relationship service

Fully services all finance functions, including the creation of annual business plans, invoice processing, bank reconciliation, cash management and, most importantly, financial strategic management.

Marketing & PR

Our in-house marketing and PR team provides a fully integrated service, ensuring the right blend of local advertising and national branding. Local strategies, national partnerships and media relations – powerful marketing techniques ensuring predictable and profitable growth including your own business growth mentor.



We regularly invest in research and development to ensure Smiley Booth are at the forefront of all technological advances and customers demands in this fast moving industry.


Lee and Kate Johnson first stumbled across the photo booth concept at a family wedding in America and sensing a gap in the UK market quickly developed a ‘home made’ photo booth. Initially intending to be only a part-time business, it was soon apparent that Smiley Booth had much bigger ambitions and turnover grew in the first 3 years by a massive 800%!

They then received multiple industry awards and began working with brand giants, celebrities and at international events (find all the juicy details in the information pack) and decided it was time to share their success by franchising the business.

Through the franchise network Smiley Booth can reach more people and cover more events while helping people to create their own dream businesses following the exact path Lee and Kate took.  Being a Smiley Booth franchises is like being a member of a big extended family, franchisees talk to each other and head office almost daily. There’s a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone helping each other and collaborating on projects together.

Smiley Booth franchises have seen consistent growth year on year and we are looking for more enthusiastic individuals to join our team.

Next Steps…

tick_icon  Check Your Area

Franchise territories are in high demand due to the large areas that we allocate and the popularity of the model. Check your area  now and we’ll let you know straight away whether or not your area is available.

tick_icon  Get Your Information Pack

The first step is to get our information pack which tells you everything you need to know about the Smiley Booth Franchise         Opportunity.  

tick_icon Watch Video Presentation 

This weekly webinar, hosted by one of the Smiley Booth founders goes deeper into the details, giving you a greater understanding of the lifestyle and financial benefits of being a Smiley Booth franchisee and whether this is the right opportunity for you. Click below to register for the next presentation.

 tick_icon Speak to the Franchise Recruitment Team

When you’ve gone through the information and watched the presentation you’re ready to move forward. Now we need to know if you are the right candidate for Smiley Booth. We’ll schedule a call with one of our recruitment specialists who will of course be able to answer any further questions and start the process to you becoming a Smiley Booth franchisee.

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